Xunantunich & Cahal Pech

We thought about going to Tikal the next day on a tour with Caves branch (tour) but we decided we really didn’t want to be in a van for 5 hours each way. Instead we decided we would go see some of the local ruins. We left early and headed for San Ignacia where Xunantunich (Stone Lady) is located. We walked around learning about the different structures and hearing about the history of the city. The last stop of the tour was climbing the highest temple. The views were amazing. You could see all the way into Guatemala!

Shorts // Top (similar) // Sandals (similar) // Sunglasses // Dry Bag (similar)

Termite Nest

After looking around Xunantunich we headed for Cahal Pech. Cahal Pech was a smaller (less manpower) Mayan city but it was wealthier than Xunantunich. It is one of the few Mayan ruins where the roofs are still there and you are allowed in the rooms. Other Mayan sites have the roofs but you are not allowed inside.

Then it was off to lunch at Hode’s Place Bar & Grill. and from there back to Caves Branch.

Before dinner we stopped by the Blue hole. The water was so blue!

We had one more tour booked with Caves Branch. Check back to see which one it was!

Lots of Love,

Buffy x

Caves Branch – Overnight Caving Expedition – Belize

One of my news year’s resolutions was to travel more often…or I should say as much as possible. I had a long weekend coming up and a friend and I were trying to decide where we should go. Recently we had read about Mayan ruins and thought it would be fun to go explore some. We had planned to go somewhere for about 5 days but didn’t know if 5 days was enough time to travel to Belize and Guatemala. We also had as an option – Cuba. After doing some research we found that the flights to Belize and/or Guatemala were going to be too high for just a few days.

Fast forward a week and less than a month before we were going to go….we lucked out and found some cheap flights to Belize! The plan was to fly into Belize and then make our way to Guatemala to visit Tikal. When I got more into planning I thought it may be nice to have a day or two in Belize so that we were not just heading all the way to Guatemala without stopping.

I stumbled upon a lodge called Caves Branch that was on the way to Tikal (somewhat) and had lots of tours on offer. I thought we could stay there a day or 2 and do a tour and then head onto Tikal. Well let’s just say we had some much fun in Belize that we never even made it to Guatemala on this trip…stay tuned though because we make it there on our next trip over!

I found the overnight caving expedition tour and after much persuasion that we should do it my friend and I booked it!

Backpack LL Bean (similar) // Dry Bag (similar) // Boots // Leggings // Top – Academy // Sweater

This was the lightest I had ever packed for a trip!

We flew into Belize (I couldn’t believe how clear the water looked from the plane) and took a taxi to the bus terminal in Belize city. From there we got a bus to Belmopan. It was about a 2-hour bus ride. Once in Belmopan we boarded another bus to Dangriga. On that bus, you get off at the Caves Branch stop and walk the last bit to the lodge. We got off a bit to early….we started walking but were picked up by a passing van (scary I know) which dropped us at the long drive way to Caves Branch. After checking in and signing our life away (for the tour the next day) we headed to our room. We were both exhausted from traveling all day and getting to sleep. After a family style dinner, we went to bed early so we could be up and ready for tomorrow.

The tour starts out with a hike up 3 peaks. Here we got to try termites (they taste like carrots), all spice, and Cohune nuts. We also saw copal (which is good to start a camp fire), Howler monkeys, an inch worm and Lucy!


What I didn’t mention about the tour is that it involves a 300 ft. repel down the blackhole. Once down there you eat lunch, set up camp, and go explore the caves.

Once in the cave there is some repelling but lots of climbing, maneuvering through rocks and formations, river swimming and one of my favourites – climbing a clay mound and sliding down it. You also get to see some Mayan bones and pottery!

We also got to see and hold a scorpion spider!

After exploring the cave for hours, we made our way out and back to the camp. I remember as we got closer to the outside hearing all this noise. We came out to a dark sky where it was thundering and lightening.

We slept that night in covered hammocks and listened the noises of the jungle! It was one of the most amazing places I have stayed. We were woken bright and early by all the animals!

The hike out involves a 30 ft. ladder you have to climb up but a lot less weight since much of the water we were carrying the day before we have drank. Before heading back to the lodge, we stopped to pick oranges from the orange trees at the start of the blackhole hike. We used machetes to peel them. From there we went to the river to swim about and cool off!

This was hands down one of the best tours I have ever done!

Once back at Caves Branch we showered, ate lunch and got ready to set off to Tikal…

We had a slight change of plans when we realized how late it was and how long it would take us to cross the border and get to Tikal!

Check back to see what we got up to instead!

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Yeezy Sock Boots

I have a thing for boots! And these are not exception. However, I feel like these fall under the same category as my Gucci Marmont Pumps (post here). You either love them or hate them. I personally love these sock boots! The sock material was a lot softer than I expected it to be. It is nice because the material is actually thin like socks! On my Balmain sock boots the material is a lot tighter.

I paired mine with a zara button up skirt. I got this right before Christmas and wore it a lot while I was in Costa Rica for Christmas. This blue sweater was a top I had my eye on for ages. I only bought it after it went on mayor sale and I got down to my goal weight. It is open on each side with ties. I would just throw on a blazer or leather jacket and this lipstick before heading out!

Boots // Skirt – Zara (similar) // Top (similar) // Bag

And one more close up of the boots…

What do you think of sock boots?

Buffy xx

Wish List

Wish List

Jacket // Heeled Sandals // Shorts // Love Ring // Skirt // Flat Sandals

Loafers // Moon, Triangle & Bar Earrings // Backpack

Here are a few things I have been looking at lately and that are on my ‘wish list’. Since I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff when and if I do buy new items I want to make sure that #1 I will use the items for years to come, #2 that I do not have anything too similar to it already and #3 that it will be classic and not go out of style.

I realize with this wish list there is a theme of black and gold. I’ve noticed that when going through my stuff I tend to lean towards the neutral colors. I do not mind a pop of color now and them but I like to stick to black, white, tan, grey and navy.

I think this jacket would be a great alternative to a leather jacket while also staying classic. I love the slip on version of these shoes so I would imagine the loafers are just as nice! You can’t go wrong with this ring! As it starts to get warmer i’m looking forward to wearing shorts, denim skirts and sandals. I like that this black denim skirt has a zip down the side! I use to live in denim skirts when I was in university. I have these shorts in black and wore them the whole time I was in Costa Rica this past Christmas. I think the lower heel on these sandals makes them so practical.

I just got my conch pierced and want to go back and get my 2nd and 3rd holes done. I love the idea of just having small studs like the ones above to wear in the holes. Lastly, I have been thinking of getting a backpack and saw this one. I use to have the small Chloe Faye but sold it because it did not work for me. I’m trying to decide if I will like this backpack or not. Does anyone have it? thoughts?

Buffy xx

Balmain Boots

Looking back at these pictures I probably would have paired these boots with some black jeans that are tighter around the ankle. However, I was going through a lot of my clothes and found these black jeans (in the picture). I was excited because I had not worn them in years! On the shirt, I like the detail – from the zip down the back to the leather cut out print on the front!

Jeans – Old Miss Sixty (similar, similarsimilar) // Top – Greylin (similar) // Bag – Boy bag in small

These Balmain boots follow the “sock boot” trend but I think are classic enough that they will not go out of style. I like to wear them with an all black outfit because they are quite sleek. With slightly tighter black jeans they really elongate the legs! That is always a good thing. They have nice details on them – the gold heel, leather strip down the back as well as the netting material. I would not say they are walking boots though!

Boots (Brown version – on sale!)

I paired it with my boy bag because it has the gold hardware. It was a bit more edgy.

I hope you all had a nice Easter weekend!

Lots of love,

Buffy xx


Okay, so I’ve been struggling and putting off writing this post for about two weeks now…not because it’s hard, but because I am so new to minimalism that I didn’t know where to start. As you know the past year has been filled with a lot of changes. My most recent one? Trying to embrace minimalism!

Over the past couple of months I have been redecorating my condo; I was looking around at all this stuff I had that I just didn’t need! Whilst some of it brought back memories, some good and others not, most of it was just filling space. Sub-consciously it was also filling unnecessary space in my head, I had the same feeling when I was looking at my wardrobe. I saw I had my favourite pieces, and that the rest was just taking up more space.

Immediately I started going through my clothes and removing anything and everything that didn’t fit (which was actually a lot, shopping trip- just joking) or things I just didn’t enjoy wearing. I did the same with my home décor. As I moved pieces and clothes to the ‘donate/sell’ pile I felt more and more free; literal and emotional weight being lifted with every item! Currently it’s all sitting in my dining room – you should see my dining room, or maybe you shouldn’t on second thoughts. (I will admit that room stresses me out, but that stuff is almost gone!)

I enjoy the idea of minimalism because in my head, less stuff = more time!! It means spending less time picking out clothes, worrying about all the options only to choose the same items over and over again. The lack of ‘stuff’ taking up my space also means I can clean easier – so adult, eurgh I know! The space in my head, and home, gives me the time to try new things and/or spend time doing activities I didn’t previously have time for. I think our society has pushes this mentality that we have to have all these new gadgets. We spend so much time working towards that and not enjoying what we have right infront of us. 

There is nothing wrong about working towards goals, but I don’t feel these should all be materialistic. I don’t want to live to work, I have experiences to go out and get!!

On that train of thought, I recently started working towards my private pilot’s license. I really think the beginning of embracing minimalism made me realize life is short (such a cliché I know!), but there is no time like the present. I don’t want to put off doing things anymore. The past ten years I have been waiting for the right time for various things and I regret that.

I’m only about a month into trying to declutter and embrace minimalism. So far it has brought up a lot of life’s questions. However, right now I would not change that for the world. It’s hard but I know that’s a big part of change! 

I’ll keep you updated as things progress!

Lots of Love,

Buffy x

Current Products….

Mousse // Oil // Face cleanser // Dry Shampoo // Deodorant – Not Available  // Shampoo

Here are a few new products I am currently using. I tried this shampoo because I like to wash my hair everyday. It is nice because it does not cause any build up in my hair. I bought this mousse at the same time as the shampoo. I like it ok. It feels very light in my hair but does not provide a whole lot of lift. I am on the fence about this dry shampoo. I can’t decide if I like it enough to purchase again….

This deodorant is great because it is a natural deodorant that uses essential oils. I don’t think it is available any longer but this one looks good. This oil feels amazing on your legs and it smells wonderful. I’m not sure I would buy it again based on the price point but it was a nice splurge item at the time! The last item on my list is this face cleanser. It is definitely one I would buy again!

One of the things I like about minimalism is that I do not keep back up of products so once I finish something I have the choice or repurchasing or trying something new!

Lots of Love,

Buffy x

Gucci Princetown Loafers & Leather Biker Jacket

I was on the fence about these Princetown loafers until I saw them in person when I was in Chicago. I love how comfortable and easy these shoes are. And they go with everything! I like the simple design of the shoe and how they are menswear inspired. I paired mine with a simple black dress, leather jacket and mini purse. To add a pop of colour I wrapped my twilly scarf around my hair.

Dress // Jacket // Bag // Loafers // Twilly – similar


I also like to pair this outfit with a pair of white trainers for the day or OTK boots for a dinner date. There are so many options!

Lots of Love,

Buffy x

Blue Lagoon

This is my last Iceland post. However, I think it is one that may be the most useful since it is on a popular Iceland destination – The Blue Lagoon. The main piece of advice I can give you about visiting the Blue Lagoon is to book EARLY! This place fills up fast.

I went both in November and february and both times I had to go either very late or very early. When I went in february (7am slot) this worked out good because I went before I went to the airport. I booked to include airport transfer because I didn’t have a car and it was very convenient. They picked me up from City Hall and dropped me at Blue Lagoon. Then once I was ready to go to the airport they picked me up and dropped me at the airport.

When I went in february we had a car so we drove ourselves. That was pretty scary since the roads were so bad from the weather. Most of the times were booked so we had to choose a 9pm slot. Both times I have been in the dark!

Another thing to prepare for is the price. The Blue Lagoon is very expensive. I believe the prices just went up as of March 1st. There are different packages you can book. I have done the basic one and the step up from it. I would recommend either. The nice thing about the package above basic is that it includes a towel, an extra face mask and a drink!

They give you instructions when you arrive but you have to remove anything you don’t want to fall off (jewelry). They provide you with a wrist band and that is how to pay for everything. Lastly, they recommend you coat your hair in conditioner when showering before you enter because the water will dry it out. After that you are ready to go!

I didn’t realize the first time I visited that you could enter the water from the inside so I made the painful dash outside into the lagoon. Make sure to check out the waterfall and sauna while you are there.

Enjoy yourself!

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

**Sorry for the picture quality. I had to use my phone/GoPro. The GoPro didn’t work so well in the dark.