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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Silver Pillow // Pillow // Throw // Pink Pumps // Candle

Lip Balm // Lip Kit (Lipstick & Lip Liner) // Gold Frame // Black & white Frame

Gold Pumps // Solid Perfume // Bath Oil // Perfume // Black Frames

It is Mother’s Day this Sunday! Here are a few gift ideas for the mothers in your lives! Obviously you can never go wrong with picture frames holding glimpses of special memories. I also think any product from Jo Malone or Diptyque is a really nice special treat. Check out a few of my other ideas above!
I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day!
Lots of Love,
Buffy xx

Lotions & Potions…


Here is a round up of a few of my favourite lotions/moisturizers and oils to use during the winter months (all year round for that matter but especially when it is cold out).

S&G Nutrix JM Diptyque

Jo Malone // Diptyque // Soap & Glory // Lancome

I love the smell of this Jo Malone body oil. I actually ordered this one but they sent me the one in this picture. I smelt it before I was going to send it back but loved the scent and ended up keeping it. A lot of the time I actually put this on my shoulders and use it as my perfume. It smells great and really helps with dry skin! This Diptyque oil I have had for a little while (previous post on it here) and I still really enjoy using it. It also smells great and feels great on the skin. I don’t use it in my hair because it makes it oily but if you have think coarse hair I think it would work great. I discovered this Soap & Glory moisturizer a few years ago when I went to Turkey. I wanted a small moisturizer to take with me and found this in boots. I absolutely love the smell of it that I think this is about my 4th pot of it. Lastly, this lancome moisturizer is great if you want something that is thick but does not feel sticky. I used this when I went to the beach last summer and it worked great!

Lots of Love,

Buffy x

Christmas Gift Ideas Part 1

Christmas Ideas for Her...
I cannot believe that it is almost the end of November! Christmas is nearly upon us (1 month away!) and I am just now starting my Christmas shopping…nothing like waiting till last minute! Do you guys wait till after Black Friday to start Christmas shopping or hope to be done before then? There are so many sales and promo codes coming up that it can be good to wait…I’m getting off topic!
Anyway, here are a few Christmas gifts (ideas) that I picked out if you are buying for any females in your life. I LOVE Diptyque candles. They have lovely scents and such a good throw. They are nice because they are something you may not usually buy yourself because they are a little pricey! I received a Kindle as a birthday gift a few years ago and love that you can carry around sooooo many books on the one device. They are great for travel! You can never go wrong with a classic black bag….especially when it is Mulberry! Or some classic red pumps for the Christmas season. I thought these dainty earring were pretty and nice to mix and match. As it gets colder it is nice to be able to bundle up in a classic trench coat and checkered scarf. Lastly, two ideas for some wall art: a couple of different sized frames to frame some of your favourite memories (and it’s fun creating different designs on the wall with all the different frames) and a Print of the Prada Marfa sign.
What are some of your Christmas gift ideas?
Stay tuned for Part 2 which is gift ideas for all the men in your lives!
Lots of Love,
Buffy x

Diptyque Goodies…

Diptyque has to be one of my favourite brands (another post here). I have the Baies candle (one of their best sellers) which I love – to be honest who doesn’t? Well I was going through a bunch of my samples the other day (sounds off point but trust me it relates to Diptyque). Anyway, I found a sample of the body crème that I received when I was in London and picked up their lip balm and a solid fragrance. It was amazing – both smell and feel. Well of course I wanted to look it up online. I was surprised about the price ($90 for a body crème is very high to me!) but started looking at a few of their other products.

Room spray

Since I have the Baies Candle I decided to get the room spray to go with it. It smells just like the candle and I just learnt about 5 minutes ago what a little amount you need. I sprayed 3 sprays in my living and dinning room and after about a minute my husband goes “something smells good”, followed by “I think I just got smacked by a honeysuckle” meaning I sprayed WAY too much. (side note: I’m not even sure it has honeysuckle in it).

Room spray w/candle

I still wanted some type of body lotion so I opted for the Satin Oil for the body and hair. This is a dry oil that has Jasmine, ylang-ylang and saffron scents incorporated into it. It feels so nice on the skin and there is no greasy feeling which is a huge plus but it still leaves the skin feeling soft. It is also great for the hair but you only need the tinest bit if you have fine hair like I do!

Body oil box

Really close up OPen oil

I ordered everything online from Neiman Marcus and a few extra goodies were thrown in with the order. Diptyque sent a box with 4 fragrance samples in it along with a deluxe size fragrance sample in it. Along with that, a tote and a few more samples.


All Products

Samples Everything deluxe sample Extra samples

What are some of your favourite Diptyque products? Anything that you would recommend?

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Online Window Shopping – Currently Coveting

Currently Coveting
White Dress // Body Oil // White Bag // Suede Booties // Black Strappy Pumps // Earrings // Candle // Pillows // Black Strappy Heels

You know I love a bit of Online Window Shopping….well here is my latest. Back around Christmas I tried on this white dress in a blue and white version and loved it. However, I could not justify the price – now I see they have it in a plain white version and they are both on sale! I discovered this body oil when I was looking up the Diptyque body creme that I had a sample of. The body creme has such an amazing smell that I can’t wait to try the body oil when I see it in store. I love Boots and think these are amazing – I’m not one who wears a lot of silver but I do love the buckles on these boots. How can you not like these strappy pumps or these strappy heals?? They are so edgy – I love them! Definitely something to save up for or try and find a dupe for! I thought these earrings were very simple but still had a “wow” factor. I love Eucalyptus and also want to see how this candle smells when I’m next in a department store in Atlanta – that and the Biaes room spray. I love the Biaes candle and would be interested to see how they compare. Of course there is another bag in there – one that is simple and chic and would go with errything! Lastly, I thought these outdoor pillows were fun. A great colour and pattern! Looking at the picture I realize there is a definite colour theme doing on this time – white, back, and gold/yellow!


Lots of Love,
Buffy xx

Electric Cobalt Liner

I have had my eye on the new Estēe Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Electric Cobalt liner since it came out and so while I was out I caved and decided to pick one up. I played around with it a bit the other day….I thought paired with a coral lipstick it would be a great look for summer but for the colder months I wanted less of a contrast. This is the look I came up with. Please bear in mind I only have a few pieces of my makeup with me…still I think this is a nice look that really brings out the blue but is not over the top (OTT).

Looking down

My first thought was that I wanted a somewhat neutral shadow all over my lids but I wanted some blue in there somewhere. To start I primed my lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance… I then decided to go with MAC Satin Taupe all over the lid and then MAC Contrast in the crease of my eye and below my lash line. I did add a little bit of MAC Cork right above the crease just to warm up the look a little. For liner on the top I went with the old Estēe Lauder Double Wear Pencil in Midnight Blue (old one). I choose this because it was less in your face and also helped darken the lash line slightly. I then used the new one to line my bottom waterline. To finish the eyes I curled my lashes, added my Lancôme Cills Booster followed but my Estēe Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara. This is a really quick and easy look!

Shadow & primer


Liner Mascara

Once I was finished with the eyes I cleaned up any of the fall out with the Double Wear Concealer followed by the Double Wear Brush-on Glow BB Highlighter. This pen really adds brightness to under the eye area. It is also great for any other highlighting you want to do (above the eyebrows, bridge of the nose, chin etc.).

For blush and bronzer I went with MAC Pinch Me and MAC Harmony and finally for lips I went with a really natural look and just put my Diptyque lip balm on them (love this stuff!).


Other Products used in this post:

Closeup2USE Blue Liner1 USE LOOKING MaybeUSE

These are a few more from different lighting.

Catherine 3 USE

Facing the Camera Closeup

*This is a MAC heavy post because they are the easiest palettes I have to travel with.

I love this pop of blue and the unexpectedness of the liner! What do you think? How would you guys wear this Electric Cobalt liner?

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Valentine’s Day Picks

Valentine Picks

Candle // Pouch // Pumps // Body Creme

Scarf // Purse // Tray // Earrings

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and here are a few Valentine’s Day Picks I found that would make great gifts (or to treat yourself) for all different budgets. I love the smell of roses and Jo Malone makes nice luxurious body crèmes that feel great on the skin. Diptyque candles have great throw and will leave the entire room smelling like fragrant and this Roses one is no exception! Who wouldn’t love a great pair of red pumps with red soles to match! They would be great for a date night. This pouch would be great for makeup or to keep bits n’ bobs in your purse, especially this purse, and the quote is cute! I have these earrings in the clear crystal and love wearing them day and night. They have a lot of colours to choose from as well. Wouldn’t this tray would be a great place to put your jewelry when taking it off for bed. They make ones with all the different letters in the alphabet so it is a bit more personal. Lastly, scarfs always add a nice finishing touch to an outfit and this one comes in a pretty light pink color – great for Valentine’s Day and as we move into Spring.

What Valentine’s Day gifts do you have in mind?

Lots of Love,

Buffy x

Online Window Shopping…


Candle // Dress // Shoes // Fragrance

Foundation // Trays // Card Case // Purse

I have been online window shopping again…Here are just a few things I stumbled across as I was looking at the Boxing Day sales online. I love Diptyque Candles! I think this Eucalyptus one would be a nice one since I find Eucalyptus to be really calming. I love this dress! The colour and the back! I think these shoes are super edgy and would really spice up an outfit. I read in Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty (a Christmas present from a friend) that he once said he “wants people to be afraid of the women [he] dresses” and that “there is a certain hardness to the clothes that makes [women] look powerful.” I definitely think this is true about these shoes. They are also on sale! I have this fragrance in the solid form and was just eyeing up the bottle to see what I think. The ’34’ solid is one of my favourites (post here).

This (newish) Laura Mercier  is one that I have had my eye on lately and also been reading about. I can’t wait to try it. I think these trays would look great on a side table in a living room. Their website has a bunch of pictures of how people have styled them. This card case would be great for not only credit cards and bills but also business cards. It is very classic and would not go out of style. I love this purse and think the size and style is great! So simple but with a little something extra with the chain and closure.

Have you guys found any great Boxing day sales?

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

All Things Diptyque


I have read a lot about how amazing the Diptyque candles are in the past few months and finally broke down and bought one. I decided on the BIAES one and think it is really nice. You can definitely tell the difference between these candles and others. They just give out so much fragrance! This one, according to Diptyque, smells of a “bouquet of roses and black currant leaves” which I think is spot on.


While ordering it I also snuck a solid perfume into my online shopping cart to try :).

Closed perfume

It’s called ‘34’. If you have read my earlier post about perfume you may know that I rarely get new fragrances but lately I have been trying to expand on the types that I like (hence the COCO Mademoiselle). Well, this solid perfume is wonderful and SOO different from anything I have.

Open perfume

Diptyque describes it as the scent of their first boutique on 34 Boulevard Saint Germain. It boasts “Fresh, green and spicy accords. Damp mosses, crumpled blackcurrant leaves, sun-dried fig leaves” and is neither masculine nor feminine. It is possibly my new favourite scent and the packaging is very good quality!

Have any of you tried any of their other scents? I want to try the L’ombre dans l’eau next.

Lots of love,

Buffy x