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Artists’ of the Netherlands

Our last full day in Amsterdam we spent hanging out with some of the most famous artists related to the Netherlands…Van Gogh and Rembrandt. Amsterdam is full of museums and we didn’t have nearly enough time to see them all.
We got up early again so that we could make the most of our last day. The first stop on the agenda was the Van Gogh museum. When we got there there was already a long queue to get in and it was very confusing on where to line up. The British love their orderly queues and this was not one! We waited about 30-45 minutes in one of the lines which luckily let us in. I think one was for people with online tickets and the other for people with no tickets.
The museum was VERY busy. You feel like you are wading through people to see anything. However, I have always liked Van Gogh’s art work and so it was interesting to see. I like that it gave you background information about him and also showed you his early work because it is different from his more well know pieces. Also, you are not allowed to take any pictures!
The next stop was Rembrandt’s house. As I mentioned in a previous post I love the tall houses that look out onto the canals and I’ll take any chance to go in one. They had Rembrandt’s house decorated like it would have been when he lived there. It was interesting to see the box beds, they were very short!
For our last stop of the day we made our way over to the Portuguese Synagogue where we had a look around.
Dinner the last night was at a small restaurant off of Dam Square called Van Kerkwijk. This is a restaurant that has no menu! The waiters simply stop by the table and tell you what your options are.
P1050662 P1050665 P1050667
We started off with drinks (trusty G&T, Prosecco and Beer) and a sample platter consisting of different meats and cheeses.  For the mains we had Beef stew, Filet and a chicken thai curry. All the mains came with a family portion of fries and a salad to share.
P1050642 P1050641 P1050646 P1050648 P1050649
P1050644 P1050652 P1050653 P1050654 P1050655 P1050656
After dinner we made one last stop by Sweatella and then it was off to pack!
Lots of Love,
Buffy xx

Maltby Street Market

Sooooo it has been a while since my last post. Where did I leave off? Yes, leaving Pharmacy 2. My friend and I were still a little peckish as we left Pharmacy 2 and previously she had mentioned Maltby Street Market to me. We decided that we would have a quick stop by on the way back to her flat since we could make it on the way.

On the way over we stopped by the Imperial War Museum to check out some of the outdoor displays.

20160320_091142 20160320_091616 20160320_091239


Maltby Street Market is located over by Tower Bridge at LASSCO Ropewalk and definitely worth a visit. As you walk up you start to smell all the rich aromas of the different foods cooking…Heavenly!


It’s a short narrow street chock-full with people and bursting with all sorts of different food and drink stalls. I would recommend you go on an empty stomach (dangerous but oh, so much more fun!) so you can try the large variety of foods on offer. We made our way down to the end of the street taking in all the foods available and trying to decide what to have.

20160320_100045 20160320_100522 20160320_100800

I was very tempted by the bad brownies but managed to stay away (i’m not sure I would next time).


20160320_100856 20160320_100335 20160320_100321



We finally made it to the end of the street and after great debate of what to eat we made our choices. My friend settled on One Love Kitchen which has authentic Caribbean street food. She had a jerk chicken wrap.


20160320_101136I went with the original comfort food and had a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon from the The Cheese Truck and let me tell you it was good!

20160320_100946 20160320_101025 20160320_101555


20160320_101546 20160320_102240There are also some little side antique shops to check out as you make your way through the market. Also, my friend told me there were a couple of good gin places if gin is your drink of choice (it’s mine!). We didn’t have time to pop into any of those but I have added it to my list for next time.

20160320_100703 20160320_100724 20160320_100718

This reminded me of the Wand Shop 'Ollivanders' in Harry Potter

This reminded me of the Wand Shop ‘Ollivanders’ in Harry Potter

I would love to swing by the market in the warmer months with friends, get a few drinks and some food, find a table, catch up and just watch the world go by (I love to people watch).

Have any of you checked out Maltby Street Market? If so, what did you think? And do you have any other Market recommendations?

Lots of Love,

Buffy x

The Royal Peasant


Being from England and living in America (especially the South) has its obstacles; you can’t get good Pimms, you can’t have a classic rainy, cold ‘summer’ BBQ and you certainly can’t go for a stroll on the Heath! However, now you can have some good ‘ole pub food and The Royal Peasant fits the bill!

This small British Pub tucked away in the heart of Five Points is where you will find everything from half pints to crisps to bangers and mash….as well as some fish and chips! What more could a Brit ask for?!

The other afternoon my husband and I headed over there for a late lunch on my day off. We both had the Burger and a salad to share. I also recommend the house crisps, chicken curry and fish and chips (basically you can’t go wrong here!) While you are at it don’t forget to order a pint (of cider)…or half!

This is Corey’s mad face when I tell him I have to take a picture before starting!



The place is filled with everything British!

IMG_0958OK IMG_0959OK IMG_0957OK


Bag (under $30) // Glasses

I wore a dress I picked up a couple of weeks ago from Equipment. I love their stuff – it is so simple and comfortable, this dress especially because you can easily dress it up with these pumps (I wore this out for my husbands birthday back in May) or keep it casual for a pub lunch!


Dress – on sale! // Necklace // Shoes (old) – Dune (Similar/Similar)


IMG_0929OK IMG_0941OK

Bracelets // Bracelet

IMG_0919OK IMG_0930

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

P.S. My 100th post is fast approaching, and to celebrate there is going to be a surprise, prize giveaway! Keep your eyes peeled for clues and information on my Instagram @LotsofLoveBuffy and this space!!

Da Vinci, Chatres & Chateau Amboise

Our last day in France was spent visiting Château Royal d’Amboise, Clos Lucé (the home where Da Vinci spent the last 3 years of his life) and Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres (famous for its stained glass windows). There was also a cheeky last pain au chocolat in there (how can you go to France and not?)! Enjoy.

First stop: Château Royal d’Amboise.


Château Royal d’Amboise


View of the Loire River


The Chapel on the Left is where Da Vinci is buried


Da Vinci’s grave


View of Amboise from the Château

Grounds of the Château

Grounds of the Château

Next stop: Clos Lucé

DSC_0265 DSC_0255

Rest break for a quick bite to eat!



On the way to the airport, our last stop: Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres.



amazing stone work!


Overall a really good trip with excellent weather!

Lots of Love,

Buffy x

New Orleans Food Favourites

Day 3

It was our last day in town and so we decided to take it easy! We wandered around the French quarter some more in the morning and decided to check out the French market. There were lots of little stalls everywhere selling jewelry, masks, food and much more!

French Market rings market Market 4 French Market - flowers Market 3 Market 1

When we felt the pangs of hunger we decided to try Central Grocery because it is known for its famous Muffuletta sandwiches. This place is a grocery store up by the French market and when you walk in there is usually a line running from the counter to the door – sometimes even out the door. Charlotte and I waited in line for about 20 minutes before we ordered. We choose to split half a sandwich. A quarter each of this sandwich was PLENTY!

This is a quarter!

This is a quarter!

After lunch we had one more “must try” on our list. Café du Monde Beignets!

Cafe Du Monde Cafe Du Monde Inside Cafe Du Monde Menu Beniets

These were very tasty!

We slowly wandered back towards our hotel, stopping at the Mississippi river and Washington Artillery Park.

Mississippi Washington park Cannon Park

Our flight was at 5:30pm so we headed to the airport in the afternoon and headed back to Georgia!

I definitely want to go back and visit. I want to make sure next time I do a swamp and Bayou tour! Have you guys ever done one?

Lots of Love,

Buffy x

Swanning around New Orleans

I took the past week off because a good friend of mine, Charlotte, (that I grew up with in England) was stopping by for the week before she headed off to Mexico. We decided to spend the first 3 days in New Orleans because she had not been there before. I have only visited once and that was a couple of years ago for a work trip so it was nice to go back! We lucked out and got a hotel a few streets down from Bourbon Street. We wanted to be in the French Quarter so that we were close to a lot of things and could walk around easily.

Both our flights landed in the morning so we made it to the French quarter by late morning. This was after a very interesting taxi ride where the driver started off by arguing with airport security while we were quietly sitting in the back of the taxi! That was then followed by her asking where we were from…when my friend responded “London” she said “that’s not in America is it”? Much road rage on her part ensued after that! After safely making it to the hotel we dropped our bags off and went for a wander around.

First stop was obviously Bourbon Street!


From there we just got lost in the French quarter and admired all the (iron) balconies and interesting buildings. We also stopped in a Voodoo Store and a bar for a hand grenade.

French Quarter building French quarter 2 Balcony 1


Dauphine St Voodoo Store


Hand Granade

When our stomachs started to growl we went on the hunt for food…local food! A friend had recommended Coops! We were told it was nothing to look at but the food was great! We stepped in and immediately understood – the inside looked like a very local bar! We shared a table with some other people (family dining style) and then Charlotte and I shared a bowl of gumbo, green beans and shrimp Gumbo. It was all very tasty.

Coops Outside

Coops bar Coops Food

From there we headed to Jackson Square (originally called “Place d’Armes,”) where we strolled around looking at some of the street art, popped in St. Louis Cathedral and walked through the park.

Cathedral use

Cathedral Park

We then decided we would slowly make our way back to the hotel to rest and get ready for dinner. We choose a nice restaurant in the Garden District called the Commanders Palace and so had to make sure we were dressed appropriately.

Commanders Palace

We made our way there via the Street car (which is actually a really easy way to get around New Orleans). It was a short walk from our stop. I don’t think either of us realized our fancy this restaurant was – or how big it was. It consisted of 7 dining rooms!

We started with Apèritif cocktails.

Pre Dinner Drinks

Bread and soup for an entreeStarter soupBread

This was followed by risotto with crab for myself and risotto with lobster for charlotte. We also had  some greens and grits (charlotte wanted to try grits – I am not a fan of grits) as sides.

Risotto w:Crab


Greens Grits

We paired our risotto with wine – everything was delicious.

Dessert was a chocolate torte.


We left with Clarence the swan! Charlotte named the posh doggy bag and we proceeded to swan around Nola with it! Haha!



Street Car & Clarence

All in all a good day! Stayed tuned for day two on the next blog post – We go on a plantation tour of two houses about an hour outside of the city.

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Brunch Date

Game days in Athens are pretty crazy! The town starts filling up Thursday and is packed by Saturday; old Georgia Alumni, parents, Dawg fans and the opposing teams fans all come in to watch the game and/or experience downtown Athens. I will say it is one of the best times to people watch if that is something you are in to (this is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine – not a stalker). Anyway, on Sunday, after a long busy weekend my husband and I popped into the Branded Butcher for some brunch.

Branded Butcher

They have my all time favourite burger on their brunch menu!

Butcher Burger

Seriously, it is amazing!

All gone

And all gone!

We sat at the bar and both enjoyed burgers as well as seeing lots of friends who were back in town for the game! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. Sadly, I will be working (sometimes you really can’t have it all!).


Boss was ready for Gameday!

See what I wore below:



Tory Burch Flats (great time to buy as they are having a Labor Day Sale) – Longchamp Le Pliage Bag in small – Express Jean Leggings – Greylin Faux Leather Top – Chloe & Isabel Gold Leaf Earrings

P.S. I love this top because it has a zip running all the way up the back!

Lots of love,

Buffy x