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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Silver Pillow // Pillow // Throw // Pink Pumps // Candle

Lip Balm // Lip Kit (Lipstick & Lip Liner) // Gold Frame // Black & white Frame

Gold Pumps // Solid Perfume // Bath Oil // Perfume // Black Frames

It is Mother’s Day this Sunday! Here are a few gift ideas for the mothers in your lives! Obviously you can never go wrong with picture frames holding glimpses of special memories. I also think any product from Jo Malone or Diptyque is a really nice special treat. Check out a few of my other ideas above!
I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day!
Lots of Love,
Buffy xx

Popsugar October #MustHaveBox

It’s that time of the month again! What you ask? The POPSUGAR #MustHaveBox! POPSUGAR sent me this must have box to try and I received mine this past Saturday. I love coming home to a box full of goodies. If you have not heard of the Popsugar #MustHaveBox you basically subscribe for $39.95 a month and receive over $100 worth of goodies. You can find my previous posts on it here and here.



img_1500 img_1493


This month’s box was quite heavy and so I was excited to see what was inside. I love that they send on trend items based on the time of year and season. How cute is this umbrella that came inside? This will be perfect to pop in my purse as we transition into Autumn and Winter. It will be especially good when I spend Christmas in England due to to high chance of rain that inevitability comes with being across the pond.


What sounds better than a mug of hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows on top as it gets colder out? Well, they send you mostly everything you will need (apart from the marshmallows) with this cute Rise & Shine mug and hot chocolate. I already made my 1st cup, right after receiving the box,  and it was delicious.

img_1494 img_1504

On the makeup/beauty front…I can’t wait to try this makeup eraser. I have previously seen them in shops and always wondered about them. Now that I am about out of my current makeup remover I am going to give it a go. What is even better is it says it is good for 1000 uses!! I have also really enjoyed wearing the winged eyeliner look lately and think this eyeliner will be great to try out and use for the look. Also, If you are looking for a new body wash this one smells amazing.

img_1495 img_1499



Are you interested in what other goodies were in the box? Well click here!

If you would like to sign up for you own box, click here.

I hope you guys have a fabulous week!

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

First Impressions – Shade + Light Eye Palette

Hello Everyone,

Sorry it has been a little while actually a long while… since I have posted anything. Life has just been so busy lately that I didn’t have a chance to sit down and write/post anything. I really missed it! Anyway with that said I am back with a first impressions post! I’ve seen the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye palette getting a lot of attention lately and could not wait to pick one up. As you all have seen lately contouring is a huge trend right now, especially for the cheek bones and nose. This palette brings the idea of contouring to the eyes. The idea being to strategically place light and dark shadows around the eyelids to create different depths and really make them stand out but in a somewhat natural way. You are wanting to intensify where the light and shadows fall around the eyes.


Flash Off

Flash Off

Flash Off

Flash Off

I was most excited about the cool tone shades since I don’t tend to gravitate to those colours and was looking forward to playing around with the colours. I also picked up this LA Splash liquid lipstick in Ghoulish to create a complete cool tone look. When they say this lipstick does not come off they are not kidding. This sucker does not budge! I couldn’t get it off after trying it on late one night! I tried Bioderma with no luck and finally discovered Bi-facil (love this stuff!) takes it off. Im getting sidetracked.

Anyway on to what I think so far…

Flash Off

Flash Off

Flash On

Flash On

Flash On

Flash On

The packaging is somwhat large but nothing that put me off. It has a solid feel and a nice sized mirror when you open it up. It also comes with instructions on some differnent looks you can create with the palette as well as different tricks for different eye shapes. The palette includes 12 matte eyeshadows seperated into neutral, warm and cool tone shades.

I have worn mostly the cool and warm shades…I have not had a whole lot of time to experiment with all the different colours but I can say that I am very much enjoying this Shade + Light Palette (it is tempting me to go get the Shade + Light Palette for the face…ssshh). I find that the shadows are very soft, blendable and pigmented. They do create a fair amount of dust when being picked up by a brush but for that is not something that is a deal breaker for me. I like that you can create something very natual but also something more dramatic because of the pigment in the shadows.

The palette retails for $46 which I think is very reasonable for the amount and quality of shadows you are receiving.

Have any of you guys tried this palette so far? If so, what do you think? Also, what are your thoughts on the Shade + Light Contour Patette?

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Bronze Goddess Shimmering Nudes by Estée Lauder

Both Boxes

I love it with Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess comes out every year. This year’s collection “Shimmering Nudes” didn’t disappoint. Since I have been on a highlighter kick lately I decided to try the Illuminating Powder Gelée and the All-Over Illuminator.

Close up boxes

Camera shot Both products open2 USE

However, the rest of the collection included an eyeshadow palette (I LOVE the green shadow in it), 3 lipglosses, nail polish, powder bronzer, liquid bronzer, and the two highlighters/illuminators that I picked up. The collection also includes the body lotion, oil, and fragrance. I will say while mentioning the lotion and fragrance collection that I have the lotion and oil from last year and love them both. They both feel really great on the skin, the oil leaves a nice shimmer, and smell like the beach and summer combined! What’s not to love?!

Powder close up USE

On to this years 1st highlighter the ‘Bronze Goddess Shimmering Nudes’ Illuminating Powder Gelée (Limited Edition). I have the illuminating powder Gelée “Heat Wave” from last year (and love it) so this years had a lot to live up to. When I first opened it, it didn’t look like much but after swatching it I was very impressed! It is a very pretty highlight that doesn’t have as much shimmer as heat wave so it will be great for giving that natural dewy highlighted look. I think it will also be great for all skintones. On top of that the texture of this product is fantastic. It is very soft and silky making it look more natural and feel nice on the skin.

Powder swatch

Both prodcts see

The second item I picked up from the collection was the Shimmering Nudes All-Over Illuminator. This is something that can be used all over the face and body – cheekbones, temple, décolletage, shoulders and more! I love that this stick can be used alone (for a subtle glow) or in conjunction with other products (for example a bronzer where this would be used as a highlighter). I also like that this product is rosy pink because it gives a slightly different finish compared to the powder above.

Illuminator swatch use

Left: heavy swatch, Right: Blended

I would definitely recommend swinging by the Estee Lauder counter and checking out the Bronze Goddess collection if you get a chance. That way you can swatch and see all the pretty colours in person.

Lots of love,

Buffy xx

Electric Cobalt Liner

I have had my eye on the new Estēe Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Electric Cobalt liner since it came out and so while I was out I caved and decided to pick one up. I played around with it a bit the other day….I thought paired with a coral lipstick it would be a great look for summer but for the colder months I wanted less of a contrast. This is the look I came up with. Please bear in mind I only have a few pieces of my makeup with me…still I think this is a nice look that really brings out the blue but is not over the top (OTT).

Looking down

My first thought was that I wanted a somewhat neutral shadow all over my lids but I wanted some blue in there somewhere. To start I primed my lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance… I then decided to go with MAC Satin Taupe all over the lid and then MAC Contrast in the crease of my eye and below my lash line. I did add a little bit of MAC Cork right above the crease just to warm up the look a little. For liner on the top I went with the old Estēe Lauder Double Wear Pencil in Midnight Blue (old one). I choose this because it was less in your face and also helped darken the lash line slightly. I then used the new one to line my bottom waterline. To finish the eyes I curled my lashes, added my Lancôme Cills Booster followed but my Estēe Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara. This is a really quick and easy look!

Shadow & primer


Liner Mascara

Once I was finished with the eyes I cleaned up any of the fall out with the Double Wear Concealer followed by the Double Wear Brush-on Glow BB Highlighter. This pen really adds brightness to under the eye area. It is also great for any other highlighting you want to do (above the eyebrows, bridge of the nose, chin etc.).

For blush and bronzer I went with MAC Pinch Me and MAC Harmony and finally for lips I went with a really natural look and just put my Diptyque lip balm on them (love this stuff!).


Other Products used in this post:

Closeup2USE Blue Liner1 USE LOOKING MaybeUSE

These are a few more from different lighting.

Catherine 3 USE

Facing the Camera Closeup

*This is a MAC heavy post because they are the easiest palettes I have to travel with.

I love this pop of blue and the unexpectedness of the liner! What do you think? How would you guys wear this Electric Cobalt liner?

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Green Eyeliner

Today’s post is another makeup look. I wore this to a wine dinner last night and choose it because I wanted something that had some green in it but was not a green smokey eye. Also, I wore a green dress and thought the green liner might be fun! Check back for the next post to see the whole outfit.


I paired the green eyeliner with a light brown smokey eye and kept the rest of the makeup very basic.

Eye Products 2

Eyeliner (Emerald Seductiver) // 2 shadow Palette // MAC Single Shadow // Eye Primer

Tape // Pencil Liner (similar) // Mascara // Large Shadow Palette

I started this look off with the eyes. I used some Micropore tape tape to get the shape of the smokey eye. I stuck some from my bottom lash line up towards my eye brows. I then used my Urban Decay eye primer to prime my lids. I went over this with the Sonia Kashuk palette using the colour closest to my skin colour. Using a blending brush I again went over my entire lid with MAC’s Uninterrupted. For the crease of my eye, and to add some depth, I used (with a MAC 219 Brush) the darker colour from Nars Cordura duo. When I had the shadow how I wanted it I removed the tape. The tape ensures you are left with a very shape line.

Tape for the eye Nars Shadow

Now for the green eyeliner! I applied it using a Sonia Kashuk Bent eyeliner brush #107 and followed the sharp edge of where the eye shadow was. I also took a little bit under my eye, along with some of the darker shadow from the MAC 219 brush. To finish I took Estee Lauder’s Double Wear eye pencil in Forest and traced my waterline, curled my lashes and applied my Sumptuous Extreme Mascara.

Green Liner - Lancome Brushes

217 // 219 // 12 // 107

For the skin I used the Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide foundation (review here) and then went with my usual routine of concealer, powder, brows, and bronzer. The blush I used was Benefit’s Rockateur and for lipstick MAC’s Ravishing with Lancome’s Lip Lover in 316 on the top.

Lip Products

Here is the finished look.

use1 Looking down2 Extra Looking down1 IMG_3279 Extra1 Down

I hope you guys enjoyed. What eyeliner colors do you really enjoy wearing?

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Winged Gel Eyeliner

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day and weekend! Today’s post is just a quick post of the makeup I wore to go to the cinema with 2 friends this past week. I really wanted to wear winged gel eyeliner since I hadn’t worn it in a while. I paired this with a coral lipstick and a contour using Illamasque’s skin base in Amber (a product I have not used in ages).

I do find that it takes practice to get the wings right and even and the brush you use makes a huge difference. I usually use one of 2 brushes as I find they give me the best results. They are: the MAC 209 and the MAC 208.

Winged Liner - Looking down

Everything neat and tidy before getting ready!

Getting started

Annnndddd….this is the mess I created while trying to get ready!

Looking at everything

Some of the products I used are listed below:


MAC Blush (Pinch Me) // Chubby Stick (Heftiest Hibiscus) // Pen Liner*

MAC Lipstick (Costa Chic) // Eye Primer // Concealer // Cils Booster // Brow Pencil

*I use the Pen Liner to just go over the gel liner where I think it could be made more precise or sharp.


Foundation // Contour Foundation // Concealer // Highlighter Pen


Eye Shadow Palette* // Lipgloss (144 – Glittermania) // Mascara

* I used the colour on the third row furthest left in my crease.


Powder (Great for a Kit)

Close up

Fix + // Gel eyeliner // Hourglass Ambient Powder (Dim Light)

Here are some more pictures of the final look:

ok Looking down smilingLooking AheadHair down Head on

Scarf (similar) // T-Shirt // Earrings

Test Shot

What do you guys think? Do you have any tips of creating the perfect wing when applying gel eyeliner?

Lots of Love,

Buffy x

– Silver Smokey Eye –

Today’s look is a Silver Smokey eye! I have been wanting to try a look using my Estēe Lauder Stay-on-Shadow Paint in Steel and eye shadow in Cyber Silver for a while and thought with Valentine’s Day around the corner why not try one now. I think this look is a great alternative to a Black Smokey eye and is also a little softer. Keep reading for more details on how to recreate this Silver Smokey Eye.

smiling USE

I started off moisturizing my skin with Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer to ensure that my foundation did not stick to any dry patches. I wanted this look to have a strong contour (not sure if it showed up in the pictures because of the flash) and so I started off with my Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Palette. Using the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate brush I drew on where I wanted the shadows to appear – An E and a 3 on the face (temples, cheek bones and jawline) and down the sides of the nose. From there I drew on where I wanted the light to hit using my Estee Lauder Stay in Place Concealer in light. This was down the middle of my nose, between by eyebrows, above my eyebrows, under my cheekbones, my chin, and 2 up side down triangles under each eye. If visualizing where to place the highlight and contours is difficult it can help to look at a face chart online showing you where each should be placed.


Aveeno Moisturizer

Tom ford

TF Palette // Brush

TF using



For foundation I decided to go with my Graftobian Foundation Palette in Neutral. I mixed a couple of shades together on a mirror and then buffed it into the skin using a Sigma F84 brush. Make sure to buff in either the contour or the highlight (with the foundation) first and separate so that you really keep that contour/highlight showing. I set this all with my Bobbi Brown Loose yellow powder.


Foundation Palette // Brush


Powder open

Powder (old packaging) // Brush

For blush I used Illamasque’s Naked Rose since I wanted something light that would go with the lipstick I had picked out. This blush is very pigmented and so you only need a tiny bit. I then went over the creme contour with a little of the Chocolate Soleil from Too Faced.

Blush & Bronzer

Blush // Bronzer

Putting on blush

Before moving on to the eyes I quickly filled in my brows using MAC Charcoal Brown eye shadow.


For the eyes I started with Urban Decay’s Primer Position to make sure that this look would last and not end up creasing. Using my finger I patted on some of the shadow paint in Steel. From there I pushed on some of the Cyber Silver eyeshadow to ensure that I got it as much pigment on my eyelids as possible. This stage does not have to be neat because you will clean it up later. To ensure there were no harsh lines I used a MAC 217 blending brush to blend out the shadow.

Eye Primer

 Eye Primer


 Cyber Silver // Shadow Paint

Eye & Brushes

Brush 1 (top) // Brush 2 (middle – Blending Brush)

Brush 3 (bottom – great for using with gel liner and filling in brows)

To add some more depth to the look I took a MAC 219 Pencil brush and MAC Black Tied shadow and added this to the outer V of my eye (lash line and crease) and blended. This is also a good time to shape how you want the eye shadow to be – I waned mine to have more of a lifted tapered look (and not round) and so I used the pencil brush to help achieve that shape. Using that pencil brush I also took some of the Black Tied shadow under my lash line. To warm up the look a little I blended some MAC Wedge right above the crease in my eye. The last touch was to highlight the brow bone and for this I used some MAC Nylon shadow. When I got all the eye shadow how I wanted I took a Q-tip and just cleaned up the shape. Please not that if you want a more intense look you can keep adding Black Tied shadow until you get the desired look.

Blk Shadow2

MAC Black Tied (center) // MAC Nylon (above)

The next step was to add the black gel eyeliner (using a MAC 266 brush) on the top lash lines and for this I used Lancome’s Black Fishnets. For the water line I went with MAC Pro Longwear eyeliner in Definedly Black. Finally, to finish off the eyes I curled my lashes, added some Lancôme Cils Booster, and toped them off with a few coats of Estēe Lauder’s Sumptuous Extreme Mascara in Black. If you want a more intense look just add some fake lashes (individual or strip)!

Gel liner

Gel Eyeliner

For the lips I wanted a light nudish pink and so chose MAC Angel.

Lipstick & Eyeliner

Lipstick // Eyeliner

The final step was to use some of the Illuminating crème from the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Palette on my cheekbones to add a nice glow! And the look is complete!

Closed Close up USE

insta USE IMG_2962


I really enjoyed creating this look and I like that it can be played up or down easily (adding more Black Tied and/or fake lashes).

What do you guys think?

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Rouge in Love 375N


So today’s blog post is all about a really quick and easy look with a nice POP of colour. Whenever I want to look put together but do not want to spend a lot of time getting ready I like to throw on this bright fuchsia lipstick – Lancôme’s Rouge in Love 375N. To see what other products I used for this look keep on reading.

Makeup use

Lipstick // Foundation // Eyeshadow Palette // Blush // Bronzer // Eyelash Curler

Eye Pencil // Mascara // MAC Palette // Corrector Palette

I started off with a new foundation that I am trying out; it is the Perfectionist by Estēe Lauder. I added more depth to my face by using the Graftobian Corrector Palette. I used the color second from the left to highlight my face by blending it under my eyes (in 2 upside down triangles), above my eyebrows, on my chin, under my cheekbones, down the center of my nose and up between my eyes. I then took Harmony blush by MAC to contour my cheekbones. I follow that with MAC blush in Fleur Power. I used the top left MAC eyeshadow (Charcoal Brown) to quickly fill in my brows and then it was on to the eyes.

Foundation Graftobian Palette Blush & Bronzer

MAC Fleur Power (Top) // MAC Harmony (Bottom)

For the eyes I wanted a non makeup makeup look. I like this Sonia Kashuk Palette (eye on neutral 02) because all the colours are matte. I used the top right color all over my lid followed by the peachy colour, all the way to the left on the second row, on my crease. To add a little bit more definition I took a mix of the black and the brown, directly above it, and also added that a little more precisely to my crease. I made sure everything was blended well and that there were no harsh lines. I curled my lashes and added some Lancôme Définicils mascara because it gives a nice natural look. I finished up with a nude colour eyeliner by Illamasque (Vow) in the waterline to add some brightness to my eyes!

Liner & Mascara

Last but not least – the lipstick! I did not use a lipliner with this lipstick but I would recommend one. It will help to ensure there is not bleeding. Lancôme’s Rouge in Love lipsticks are some of my favourites because I find they are very moisturizing but have really good staying power!

YES? Glasses on

Hope you guys like this quick and easy look. Let me know what you think.

Lots of Love,

Buffy x

King of Skin

Bag 3 ok

I just picked up a King of Skin from Lush this past week and I LOVE it! I had heard about this product before but never had the chance to try in so when I was in Atlanta, and by a Lush, I jumped at the chance. I really enjoy using their Ro’s Argan body conditioner (review here) and so had high hopes for the King of Skin.

Packaging King of skin use

This bar literally melts in your hand. The idea (at least what they told me in store) is that after you get out of the shower you just rub it all over yourself like a bar of soap. There is no need to rinse it off or anything – just towel off! It makes moisturizing soooo much easier and quicker. It is basically a solid bar of lotion that helps with dry skin. It is packed with mashed up bananas and avocados mixed in with oat milk and lavender. This bar not only smells great but it really does leave you skin feeling silky smooth. Another good thing is that this butter bar is far more affordable than their body conditioner. It is $13.95. I really would recommend picking up one of these to try if you happen to pass by a Lush! I will be up in Atlanta again this week so plan on having another quick stop by!

Lots of Love,

Buffy x