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Designer Mini Bags!!

Today I am coming at you with an informative post about 3 of my (designer) mini bags! Mini bags have been very popular over the last few years and it is easy to understand why. They are easy and lightweight to carry around and you do not end up bringing the kitchen sink with you. Now don’t get me wrong – every now and then I love a big bag you can just throw everything into and not worry about space. Mini bags can sometimes be like Tetris. Every item must be put in and placed a certain way.

Today I wanted to talk about 3 mini bags that I have in my collection. I wanted to give you my thoughts on each. What I think their pros and cons are.

Drew // Gucci // Chanel

First up…The Chloe Drew bag in the size mini.

This is a very small bag so you really have to be ruthless when choosing what to take with you. I love the colour of this bag and think the gold hardware complements it perfectly. Some may say that the chain can get uncomfortable but I have not found that. I think that because you cannot fit a lot in there it keeps the chain from digging in like it would if the bag was a bit bigger.

I like the chain length on this bag. It is perfect to wear cross body and/or on the shoulder. The clasp has 3 parts (for lack of a better word for it) to it. It is magnetic with a twist lock that further locks with a little pin. I have heard some people talk about the hardware scratching. I have not yet had that happen to my bag but I think it is somewhat inevitable over time. Also, I sometimes find that the clasp can be a little fiddley, especially if I am in a hurry.

I love wearing this bag in the spring and summer because I find that the chain gives it that summer festival vibe (sort of what Chloe is known for) and the light colour is perfect for the warmer months. I have not experienced and colour transfer (knock on wood) but it is something I am weary about. For me the pros far outweigh the (very few) cons and I enjoy using this little bag.

Second up is the Gucci Soho Disco Bag.

I love the shape and size of this bag! It is a small bag that surprisingly carries quite a lot of stuff. What initially attracted me to this bag was the simplicity of it and the adjustable strap length. You can adjust this bag depending on where you want it and your height. I have it on the longest strap and it makes it the perfect length for wearing it cross body. It is so comfortable and easy to wear that you almost forget you are wearing a bag.

When I said I loved the simplicity of this bag, I think partly what lends its self to this is the logo. I like that it is just stiches on the bag. It is not too in your face. Also, the tassel on the bag is great (if you like tassels) because it makes the bag that bit easier to open. It also adds a nice extra feature to the bag while still keeping it classic.

Lastly, this bag retails for under $1000 (and comes in lots of colours). It is still a crazy amount for a bag but when it comes to designer bags that is a great price point.

Lastly, the Chanel Square mini in Caviar leather with silver Hardware.

To me the only downside of this bag is the price. Chanel prices are outrageous and constantly increasing. The plus side to this is if you pick a classic piece and look after it you should be able to get your money back and more if you ever want to sell it.

I love the caviar leather on this piece as well as the simple turn piece clasp. It is all just so elegant to me. This bag is so easily dressed up and down. I love that it can be worn for a Sunday brunch or an evening event.

As I mentioned with the Drew bag; you do have to be very selective with what you carry because the bag is so small.

The chain length of this bag is good. It could be a tad bit longer if you (are tall and) like to wear the bag cross body. You can definitely wear this bag cross body it just hits a little bit higher – some people may like that, others may not.

The Chanel mini is one of my favourite bags. It is classic that you cannot go wrong with!

Please let me know if you have any questions on these bags. I would be happy to answer them.

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Juice Cleanse – 2 Day Detox

Have any of you ever completed a juice cleanse? I have always started them and never finished because I was so hungry. Well recently I tried one that I really liked and more importantly I finished it. A friend of mine recommended Arden’s Garden 2 Day Detox. They have a little shop on the corner of  Clayton Street and Collage Avenue, in downtown Athens, where she said she had been before to get lunch (they do fruit juices and smoothies). Well I made my way over to the shop one afternoon to stock up for the next 2 days (you can also order online).



The 2 day detox consists of drinking a gallon jug of juice that is a mix of freshly squeezed grapefruit, orange and lemon juice. With that you are also able to drink as much distilled water as you want. I found that because I was consuming so much liquid I rarely felt hungry. The only time I felt hungry was late in the evening on day 2. I was even able to work out while doing this (one of the days). I did not feel sluggish at all…in fact I felt like I had more energy. I dropped about 5 lbs doing this but the main factor for me was that it helped remove the cravings of sugar and junk food. I really wanted to eat clean after finishing this. I have completed this detox twice and enjoyed it both times. I will say that one time I did it while at work and another time on my days off. I found it a lot easier to do it while at work. I think it was because I was constantly busy.

Check out their website for more information.

Have any of you tried this juice cleanse? Are there any other ones that you recommend?

Lots of love,

Buffy xx

Book Recommendations….

There were two books that I could not put down while I was in England and France and I just thought I would share them with you guys. I love a good book that really “sucks you in”! They are both by Robert Galbraith (AKA J.K Rowling). I read them in the wrong order by accident (it didn’t ruin the story for me) but I would recommend starting with:

1. The Cockoo’s Calling

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.43.24 PM

followed by

2. The Silkworm


They are both about murders that have taken place in London and Cormoran Strike, a private investigator, is hired to look into them both!

I cannot recommend them enough. I suggest you pick one (or both) up if you pass a book store. They are both great for long car/train journeys. I hope there will be a third one!

Lots of Love,

Buffy x

Monthly Favourites – November

This post is a bit late (Thanksgiving threw me off with my posts) but here are my Monthly Favourites – November.

F84 F84 Close

This is my most reached for foundation brush F84 (I have had it for years)! I love how it buffs the foundation into the skins and gives a natural (non streaky) finish. I have a couple of the different ones that are in the same family (F80, F82, F86) and really like using them all but this is my favourite.

Ed Sheeran


I have been listening to Ed Sheeran’s album non-stop since I downloaded it on iTunes. I think it is great. I have also really been enjoying the Hozier album. I downloaded it after hearing the “Take me to Church” song and hearing from a friend that the album was really good.


This Yankee Farmer’s Market candle was a gift and I burned it non-stop in November. It was the perfect scent to get you in the mood for Thanksgiving.


This Cyber Lilac eye shadow is perfect for ladies with green eyes (and everyone else!). It is a pretty shimmer purple colour and I have really enjoyed wearing it lately.

Newbury Front Newbury Back

These Newbury boots have rave reviews online and I decided to order a pair and see how I liked them. I choose the grey pair with the piping because I have a black bootie that is very similar in shape and so wanted something a bit different. These were also on sale (I got them on shopbop during their cyber Monday sale – which lasted a few days) for over 50% off! They are made of Nubuck and are so soft and comfortable! I see why they have such great reviews!




Finally, my last favourite is an item I have had for years! My husband and I got a juicer (sharper image – not sure the model) a few years ago as an engagement present from his parents. We both love juicing but hadn’t pulled it out for a few months….well that changed in November and we have been using it constantly!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends and family! I cant believe it is already December. This year has gone by so fast.

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Monthly Favourites – October

Welcome to my first Monthly favourites – October post!

I can’t believe that it is already the beginning of November! This year has gone by so fast. This post is going to be on some things I have been loving in October. Apart from Halloween and seeing my dog dressed up as a Crawfish/Crayfish keep reading below to see what I am loving.

Boss as a crawfish

How mad does he look! He went and hid in his cage…now he is a crawfish in a cage!

Crawfish in a cage

Best Halloween costume EVER…and it is even better because I got it in New Orleans (next blog post)!

I got this necklace at the beginning of the month and I know you have seen it loads but I love it. I love elephants (obviously that is why I bought it) but the detail is also great and I love just throwing it on with t-shirts or shift dresses! It is said that elephants bring good luck so we shall see.



Close Up

Close Up

Even thought it has not been as cold as I like I have really enjoyed wearing these boots when I have had the chance. They are so comfortable and great with everything (leggings, jeans and dresses). A friendly tip: they are so much easier to put on with knee high stockings or socks! I made the mistake of just slipping them on one day to try them with something, without socks, and it took me about 25 minutes to get them on and off!


This Argan oil I have been loving as both a hair conditioner and moisturiser in October! It makes my hair feel so soft and then when I use it on my face it also feels great and not greasy at all!

Argan oil

I have also been using Advanced Night Repair consistently for the month of October (5 drops each night) as my face serum (before moisturiser) and it has made a world of difference in my skin! Love it!


I had been looking for a black affordable clutch for a while and one day while I was killing time at Lenox mall I came across this one from Madewell. I really like that, even with the small size of it, it has compartments in it (ones for your cards and then also another pocket). They happened to be doing free monograms at the time so I thought “why not?” it gives it a bit more character don’t you think? Also, I find the quality of their leather products really great for the price.


I instagramed a picture of this brush a few weeks ago and it has definitely made my favourites. It makes contouring so much easier – as well as quicker. If you like contouring this is a great brush to have in you makeup kit/collection.


Lastly, a book that I have not been able to put down this month is ‘The Litigators‘ by John Grisham. If you like books that suck you in and you do not want to put down this is one of them. It is a legal fiction book so if you like that topic I would definitely recommend it.


That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed this favourites post – I plan to do one at the end of each month. Let me know what you think.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day for tomorrow! What are you guys up to for it?

Lots of Love,

Buffy x