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August POPSUGAR #MustHaveBox

It’s that time of month again…..Time for the August POPSUGAR Must Have Box.


POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try and I wanted to share with you all what came in it. If you remember I also received the July POPSUGAR box and to see what came in that click here.

I opened up these fun House of Pom cocktail napkins first. Each one has a different emoji on it and they will be great for serving up cocktails on in the hot summer months!

Napkins Cocktail napkins

Speaking of summer…i’m sure you have all seen the fun floats making their rounds on instagram. Lately, I’ve seen the large doughnut with a bite taken out, the pizza and the flamingo to name a few. Well now there is one for your drinks! How fun is this Sunnylife inflatable drink holder in the shape of a swam! Obviously, I can’t wait to use this at the pool while sunbathing and sipping on some drinks.


Another item good for summer (beach/pool) is this Sachajuan ‘Hair in the sun‘ because it protects your hair from harmful summer rays and it will not wash off while in the water because it only comes off with shampoo. This sounds like it would be great for someone who colours their hair and/or is in the sun a lot.

Hair 2 Hair

Moving on to the last few pieces: The first is this black and white skinny scarf; and I hear skinny scarfs have now taken the place of statement necklaces. Second, a cute pineapple pin (others here, here and here) to hold it in place and finially “Oh my Brow” a subtle brow highlight that I cannot wait to try.

Scarf Pattern Pin Oh my Brow brow pencil Swatch

Oh and how can I forget the retro Joe Crisps (chips to those reading from America) I snacked on while writing this blog and the $20 gift card to


I ‘m always impressed with the POPSUGAR #MustHaveBox as it comes with fun and interesting pieces! You can order yours here and they are also offering a $5 off coupon code (SHOP5) for your first order.


Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Diptyque Goodies…

Diptyque has to be one of my favourite brands (another post here). I have the Baies candle (one of their best sellers) which I love – to be honest who doesn’t? Well I was going through a bunch of my samples the other day (sounds off point but trust me it relates to Diptyque). Anyway, I found a sample of the body crème that I received when I was in London and picked up their lip balm and a solid fragrance. It was amazing – both smell and feel. Well of course I wanted to look it up online. I was surprised about the price ($90 for a body crème is very high to me!) but started looking at a few of their other products.

Room spray

Since I have the Baies Candle I decided to get the room spray to go with it. It smells just like the candle and I just learnt about 5 minutes ago what a little amount you need. I sprayed 3 sprays in my living and dinning room and after about a minute my husband goes “something smells good”, followed by “I think I just got smacked by a honeysuckle” meaning I sprayed WAY too much. (side note: I’m not even sure it has honeysuckle in it).

Room spray w/candle

I still wanted some type of body lotion so I opted for the Satin Oil for the body and hair. This is a dry oil that has Jasmine, ylang-ylang and saffron scents incorporated into it. It feels so nice on the skin and there is no greasy feeling which is a huge plus but it still leaves the skin feeling soft. It is also great for the hair but you only need the tinest bit if you have fine hair like I do!

Body oil box

Really close up OPen oil

I ordered everything online from Neiman Marcus and a few extra goodies were thrown in with the order. Diptyque sent a box with 4 fragrance samples in it along with a deluxe size fragrance sample in it. Along with that, a tote and a few more samples.


All Products

Samples Everything deluxe sample Extra samples

What are some of your favourite Diptyque products? Anything that you would recommend?

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Lights, Lights and more Lights!

Following my recent post on lamps (last one for a bit I promise!), I wanted to show you all some other lamps I got; one set for Christmas and the other a month or so before.


The lamps I got for Christmas I plan to put in the spare room.

I don’t have any lampshades for them yet but I have my eye on these from target.

Silver shade

I think the black/silver will go very well with the room as the room is white with different grey accents!

The other set of lamps that I got before Christmas are for the master bedroom.

Master light

I got these incredible glass-base lamps when Target was having a 30% off sale on home decor items. I love how the glass helps lighten the room even further.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with lamps recently, but I just love how something so basic can make a huge difference to a room!

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Jewelry Storage

Hello again!

Not sure if you’ve seen my shoe storage post, but I have followed the same principle with my jewelry. I love being able to see all my different pieces so I don’t forget about any (or over wear others).

Personally I use three different methods of displaying my more statement pieces.

The first one I saw whilst I was on Pinterest. I saw that someone had used a towel rod and shower curtain hooks! This is how mine came out:


I found this black iron rod Fleur de Lis towel holder while I was at Hobby Lobby and loved it because it isn’t your classic towel rod! I also found a 40% off coupon on my phone and got it for a great price, isn’t the detail amazing? Trying to find black shower curtain hooks is a lot harder than you think, so after a lot of searching I got these (almost black) from Lowes. Very handy the way they open and close, what do you think?

The second storage idea is a mannequin that I found at TJ Maxx Homegoods.


Although somewhat creepy at first (according to my husband who now just hides it in rooms for me to find!!), I now love the feel it brings to a room. This is a good idea for heavier/chunkier necklaces etc. so that they don’t weigh down on the wall (see above). It is also great for belts and hats!

The last one is a really easy way to store long and dangly earrings. I found a frame I liked (Hobby Lobby again) and bought some chicken wire (Lowes again). Just cut the chicken wire to match the width of the back of the frame and glued it on (I used paper to help keep the wire down). Then I just hang the frame on the wall, and started placing earrings on, easy!


Let me know what works best for you guys!

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Living Room Lights

This is my first decor post for my blog and I want to start off by saying that ‘we’ (my husband and I…or more realistically, me) are slowly trying to redo and update the rooms in our house. Currently I am working on the living room. The current changes aren’t anything major because recently we have had wooden floors put in. Mainly I am just trying to add in bits and bobs to accent the rooms (although it could all do with a coat of paint!).

In Pier One the other day I got these incredible lamps that really compliment the room (the gold on the inside adds a bit of character don’t you think?).


Here you can see the gold a little better:


I adore the lamps because they are the colours I am using in the room yet they will also give the room a little something extra. I can’t wait for this room to come together properly! We are planning on getting a brown leather wrap around couch that I will fill with cream/white pillows and a throw. Stay tuned to see how it all turns out!

PS. Whilst paying for the gold lamps I spotted this vase and couldn’t leave without it! Isn’t it amazing?


Lots of Love,

Buffy xx