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Artis Brushes (& Coupon Cabin)

Artis Brushes


Brush Set

There is a lot of hype about the Artis Brushes. I decided I wanted to see for myself if there was an merit behind them.

img_1444 img_1445

But first let me tell you guys something that may be helpful, especially if you shop online. Have you ever heard of I am hooked after discovering it about a year ago! They have some great deals! I’m not just talking about the usual coupons of 15% off here and 20% off there (they have those). They have cash back deals! I snagged this Artis Brush Set off when Coupon Cabin had a 15% cash back deal going on. 

Let me tell you a little bit how it works…

If you find a good deal that you want to use, lets say a cash back deal you just click on the “Activate now” button. Up pops a screen asking if you want to shop that deal. You just click on the button in the middle “shop”. Once your order is completed completed, Coupon Cabin will email you letting you know the cash back has been added to your online account with them . From there, you just wait until the return time has been met (usually 60 days) and then the money will be deposited into you Paypal account. You do have to have at least $7 in the Coupon Cabin account before it will be deposited.

I think it is great! One of the reasons I love shopping online is that there are so many extra deals that you can find (like Coupon Cabin) that are not available in store.

Anyway back to the Artis brushes. This is more of a reveal and first impressions post since I just received then and have only had a chance to play with them one or two times.

img_1441 img_1440

Oval 3 // Oval 4 // Oval 6 // Circle 1 // Linear 1

My initial reaction to the set was the sleek professional packaging and then how light they were. The silver handle made me think they would be a lot heavier but surprisingly they are light and easy to hold. I also really liked the density of the fibers! I am a huge fan of the Sigma F80 and F84 brush because they are not flimsy brushes and you get a great finish once you buff your foundation in. These brushes were similar to that but with shorter bristles I used the largest oval brush (Oval 6) for foundation and found that it gave a great finish. Plus, it was so easy to use! I would love to try the larger Oval (7 or 8) brush because I feel like it would only take 2 seconds to put your foundation on.

img_1446 img_1443

Another positive thing I found is many of the brushes have multiple uses. The small Circle 1 one can be used for both concealer and lipstick.


The only somewhat negative thing I found when using these brushes was the cleaning process. I found that it was hard to squeeze out any excess water after cleaning due to the short dense bristles. I know they make a special cleaning pad but I am not sure if I think it is worth it yet. We will see!

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to using these brushes more and more. I want to see if any take the place of my most reached for brushes. I will keep you posted. 

Have any of you tried these brushes? If so, what do you think of them?

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Autumn Layers

Autumn Layers

At 10:21am today it was officially Autumn. The beginning of a new season is always exciting! Here are a few ideas for your Autumn closet/beauty regime/house as the weather starts to cool down. Boots and a dark plum lipstick are always a must. You cannot go wrong with this lipstick. It lasts ALL day! A leather biker jacket and a hat are other good staples to have. I am loving this wool hat!

What are you looking forward to most this Autumn?

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx