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Bright Blue Eyeliner

I picked up this bright blue eyeliner a couple of months ago after having my eye on it since it first came out and think it is so fun! It is something a little different than wearing the typical black winged eyeliner look, since it is always nice to chance things up every once and a while. Keep reading below for an easy look I did using it. I hope you like it!

Close up 2

Good whole close up

Different lighting


Glasses on

Glasses on

I made sure to keep all my other makeup relatively simple so that the blue was the major feature.

Liner close up

If you get a bit on your lashes don’t worry – the blue will make the whites of your eyes whiter!

I used Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet foundation (more info on it here) followed by Estee Lauder Stay in Place concealer for under my eyes. I set this all with Mac Studio Fix Pressed Powder.

Face products

For my cheeks I used Nars orgasm as blush and albatross as a highlight. I then contoured with Benefit Hoola bronzer.

I kept my eyes simple with only the Lancôme 24 hour Artliner in Sapphire, Cils Booster, and Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara (I’m really liking this mascara!).

Eye makeup

For brows I used MAC charcoal brown eye shadow to fill them in.


I finished off the look with 2 MAC lipsticks mixed together – Blankety and Costa Chic!


I really like the (newish) 24 hour Artliners because I find that they stay put for ages without smudging and are very easy to apply too because the applicator tip is so pointed. Also, they have some great colours!

I definitely think this sapphire colour and the many others that they have would be great to use during the summer – while on holiday or for any festivals and/or concerts! Also, the gold and silver would be great for this time of year and all the holiday parties that are coming up!

Have you guys tried any of the 24 Hour Artliners? Do you have any colour recommendations?

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Black Theory Jumpsuit

OOTD # 3

In the Summer I love to wear playsuits. They are so easy (and comfortable) to just throw on and can also be dressed up or down. Zara made my two favourite ones from this summer HERE and HERE. In the autumn and winter when it is colder I still like the concept so just look for jumpsuits. I got this black Theory jumpsuit for a steal on Ebay and love it! It is great to wear out for a date night with my husband or out for drinks with girlfriends.

Bag in front



Theory Jumpsuit / Chloe & Isabel Necklace / Jimmy Choo Clutch – another great Ebay find (similar HERE and HERE) / Alice & Olivia Pumps (also seen HERE and HERE) / Zara Blazer (similar HERE and HERE)



Clutch on it's own

Here is the image from from their site so you can see more of the detail and what it looks like without a blazer.


I paired mine with a statement silver necklace, a black clutch with silver studs and some blue pumps to add some colour.

Some other jumpsuits I am loving right now are HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Autumn Beauty Plums


I’m back with a short beauty post…sort of update. A little while ago I showed you a mini beauty haul on here with some plum coloured beauty products (see that post here) I got for Autumn. Well I promised you some pictures with the products and here they are:

Side way Mouth open Head on

I used Lancôme’s Blush in Midnight Rose, Estée Lauder’s doublewear lip liner in Current and Estée Lauder’s Envy lipstick in Insolent Plum

For the eyes I kept them pretty simple using Nars duo eyeshadows Codura and All About Eve. See below for other products I used below:

What do you guys think of plum lipstick this season?

Lots of Love,

Buffy x

New Orleans Food Favourites

Day 3

It was our last day in town and so we decided to take it easy! We wandered around the French quarter some more in the morning and decided to check out the French market. There were lots of little stalls everywhere selling jewelry, masks, food and much more!

French Market rings market Market 4 French Market - flowers Market 3 Market 1

When we felt the pangs of hunger we decided to try Central Grocery because it is known for its famous Muffuletta sandwiches. This place is a grocery store up by the French market and when you walk in there is usually a line running from the counter to the door – sometimes even out the door. Charlotte and I waited in line for about 20 minutes before we ordered. We choose to split half a sandwich. A quarter each of this sandwich was PLENTY!

This is a quarter!

This is a quarter!

After lunch we had one more “must try” on our list. Café du Monde Beignets!

Cafe Du Monde Cafe Du Monde Inside Cafe Du Monde Menu Beniets

These were very tasty!

We slowly wandered back towards our hotel, stopping at the Mississippi river and Washington Artillery Park.

Mississippi Washington park Cannon Park

Our flight was at 5:30pm so we headed to the airport in the afternoon and headed back to Georgia!

I definitely want to go back and visit. I want to make sure next time I do a swamp and Bayou tour! Have you guys ever done one?

Lots of Love,

Buffy x

Interview with a Vampire…or Buffy

Day 2

We woke up early on day 2 to head out of the city (about 55 miles away) to check out 2 very different plantation homes. The drive took about an hour and the first stop was The Laura Plantation, a Louisiana Creole style Plantation house, and one of very few left. The property was originally named l’habitation Duparc after its first owner – Guillaume Duparc. Guillaume Duparc, a French navel veteran from the American Revolution, acquired the land from Thomas Jefferson in 1804 and proceeded to build a sugar mill on the land. It was passed down through the women in his family and subsequently became known as the Laura Plantation because Laura Locoul was the 4th mistress (4th generation) to run the mill before selling it.

Laura house Whole


Map of Plantation homes

Map of Plantation homes

The house sits about 600 feet from the Mississippi river and this proximity was utilized to help keep the property cool in the hot summer months. The large trees in the front of the house funneled the cool air off the river towards the house and then the strategically placed doors would be opened and closed at certain times to move air through the house. Very Clever!

View from Laura

Trees that funnel the air from the Mississippi

Here you can see the door that run along the front and back of the house to help airflow

Here you can see the door that run along the front and back of the house to help airflow

Laura Start

Walking towards the Laura Plantation

Me Laura


Laura Plantation Basement - used for wine storage

Laura Plantation Basement – used for wine storage

Laura Wine

These pots were buried and used to keep things cool – early refrigerators!

Other properties on the Plantation

Other properties on the Plantation

Laura Back graden

Where the Kitchen use to be

Laura Tree

After touring the property and learning a great deal about the history we headed to our second and final stop of the tour – Oak Alley Plantation. This is an Antebellun Mansion, also a sugar plantation, a few minutes down the road. It was a huge contrast to the Laura Plantation.

Close up of oak alley

The large Oak trees are what you first notice about the property and it is still a mystery to this day who planted them.

View of oak alley

Jacques and Celina Roman acquired the land in 1836 and built the mansion you see today which was completed in 1839.

Entry way


dinner table - silver

Silver was laid in this manner because it was usually engraved with the owners initials showing guest ownership


A fan to keep dinner guests cool

Faux marble fire

A faux marble fireplace

We took a tour of the house and then explored the grounds before heading back to the city. Walking through the large oak trees was incredible because they were so monstrous in size. We were also informed that this house was used in many movies including: Interview with a Vampire.

Oak alley view 1 Oak alley bedroom Blue ceiling

We made it back to the city by early after noon and decided to go explore Magazine Street before heading out to dinner.

Sadly the only picture I have (that I can find) from Magazine Street is a Halloween costume I considered getting Boss.


For dinner we went to a restaurant in the Garden District called Jacques Imo. After waiting a bit to be sat we were led outside to our table. Here the hostess showed us our table by the door before saying “or you can sit in the truck”? Our course we choose the truck not really knowing what that meant. Our question was answered 2 seconds later when we turned around to face the street and saw a truck parked with a table on the bed of the it! Sadly I only have one picture of this because both our phones died and we left the camera in the hotel room. Luckily 2 guys who were making conversation with us took a picture (with about 10 other people doing the same) and emailed it to us.


The food and atmosphere were great and we finished off the night at Maple Leaf bar to watch Rebirth Brass band – a very cool Jazz band.

The last day consists of the French Market, beignets and a famous Muffuletta – make sure you check it out on the next blog post!

Lots of Love,

Buffy x

Swanning around New Orleans

I took the past week off because a good friend of mine, Charlotte, (that I grew up with in England) was stopping by for the week before she headed off to Mexico. We decided to spend the first 3 days in New Orleans because she had not been there before. I have only visited once and that was a couple of years ago for a work trip so it was nice to go back! We lucked out and got a hotel a few streets down from Bourbon Street. We wanted to be in the French Quarter so that we were close to a lot of things and could walk around easily.

Both our flights landed in the morning so we made it to the French quarter by late morning. This was after a very interesting taxi ride where the driver started off by arguing with airport security while we were quietly sitting in the back of the taxi! That was then followed by her asking where we were from…when my friend responded “London” she said “that’s not in America is it”? Much road rage on her part ensued after that! After safely making it to the hotel we dropped our bags off and went for a wander around.

First stop was obviously Bourbon Street!


From there we just got lost in the French quarter and admired all the (iron) balconies and interesting buildings. We also stopped in a Voodoo Store and a bar for a hand grenade.

French Quarter building French quarter 2 Balcony 1


Dauphine St Voodoo Store


Hand Granade

When our stomachs started to growl we went on the hunt for food…local food! A friend had recommended Coops! We were told it was nothing to look at but the food was great! We stepped in and immediately understood – the inside looked like a very local bar! We shared a table with some other people (family dining style) and then Charlotte and I shared a bowl of gumbo, green beans and shrimp Gumbo. It was all very tasty.

Coops Outside

Coops bar Coops Food

From there we headed to Jackson Square (originally called “Place d’Armes,”) where we strolled around looking at some of the street art, popped in St. Louis Cathedral and walked through the park.

Cathedral use

Cathedral Park

We then decided we would slowly make our way back to the hotel to rest and get ready for dinner. We choose a nice restaurant in the Garden District called the Commanders Palace and so had to make sure we were dressed appropriately.

Commanders Palace

We made our way there via the Street car (which is actually a really easy way to get around New Orleans). It was a short walk from our stop. I don’t think either of us realized our fancy this restaurant was – or how big it was. It consisted of 7 dining rooms!

We started with Apèritif cocktails.

Pre Dinner Drinks

Bread and soup for an entreeStarter soupBread

This was followed by risotto with crab for myself and risotto with lobster for charlotte. We also had  some greens and grits (charlotte wanted to try grits – I am not a fan of grits) as sides.

Risotto w:Crab


Greens Grits

We paired our risotto with wine – everything was delicious.

Dessert was a chocolate torte.


We left with Clarence the swan! Charlotte named the posh doggy bag and we proceeded to swan around Nola with it! Haha!



Street Car & Clarence

All in all a good day! Stayed tuned for day two on the next blog post – We go on a plantation tour of two houses about an hour outside of the city.

Lots of Love,

Buffy xx

Monthly Favourites – October

Welcome to my first Monthly favourites – October post!

I can’t believe that it is already the beginning of November! This year has gone by so fast. This post is going to be on some things I have been loving in October. Apart from Halloween and seeing my dog dressed up as a Crawfish/Crayfish keep reading below to see what I am loving.

Boss as a crawfish

How mad does he look! He went and hid in his cage…now he is a crawfish in a cage!

Crawfish in a cage

Best Halloween costume EVER…and it is even better because I got it in New Orleans (next blog post)!

I got this necklace at the beginning of the month and I know you have seen it loads but I love it. I love elephants (obviously that is why I bought it) but the detail is also great and I love just throwing it on with t-shirts or shift dresses! It is said that elephants bring good luck so we shall see.



Close Up

Close Up

Even thought it has not been as cold as I like I have really enjoyed wearing these boots when I have had the chance. They are so comfortable and great with everything (leggings, jeans and dresses). A friendly tip: they are so much easier to put on with knee high stockings or socks! I made the mistake of just slipping them on one day to try them with something, without socks, and it took me about 25 minutes to get them on and off!


This Argan oil I have been loving as both a hair conditioner and moisturiser in October! It makes my hair feel so soft and then when I use it on my face it also feels great and not greasy at all!

Argan oil

I have also been using Advanced Night Repair consistently for the month of October (5 drops each night) as my face serum (before moisturiser) and it has made a world of difference in my skin! Love it!


I had been looking for a black affordable clutch for a while and one day while I was killing time at Lenox mall I came across this one from Madewell. I really like that, even with the small size of it, it has compartments in it (ones for your cards and then also another pocket). They happened to be doing free monograms at the time so I thought “why not?” it gives it a bit more character don’t you think? Also, I find the quality of their leather products really great for the price.


I instagramed a picture of this brush a few weeks ago and it has definitely made my favourites. It makes contouring so much easier – as well as quicker. If you like contouring this is a great brush to have in you makeup kit/collection.


Lastly, a book that I have not been able to put down this month is ‘The Litigators‘ by John Grisham. If you like books that suck you in and you do not want to put down this is one of them. It is a legal fiction book so if you like that topic I would definitely recommend it.


That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed this favourites post – I plan to do one at the end of each month. Let me know what you think.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day for tomorrow! What are you guys up to for it?

Lots of Love,

Buffy x